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Underage Drivers: LHC imposes ban on underage drivers

The Lahore High Court imposed a ban on underage drivers. Justice Ali Akber Qureshi, who was hearing a petition, remarked that underage persons are not allowed to drive motorcycles, cars or rickshaws.


The petition was filed in the LHC by civil society member Abdullah Malik.


Moreover, the judge added that the parents of underage children will be asked to sign an affidavit in the first stage.


Further, the judge remarked that parents of underage children found violating the ban will be jailed as they are their responsibility.


Traffic police takes action:

Laws should be strictly followed, the court ruled. After the LHC’s strict order against underage drivers, the City Traffic Police has announced to launch a massive crackdown against underage drivers driving without traffic licenses across the roads of the provincial metropolis.


The CTP also started a Child Reform Programme on which vehicles of juvenile drivers would be released after parent’s surety.


Repeating the same violations, action would also be taken against the parents of the underage drivers. CTP also handed over underage drivers to their parents after written assurance that they would never allow their underage children to drive. The Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Liaquat Ali Malik also directed the superintendents of police, deputy superintendents, circle in-charges and senior traffic wardens to ensure the implementation of his fresh directives. The CTO has also strictly directed the concerned officers to launch a crackdown against the violators without any discrimination.

The CTO said that a smooth flow of traffic and citizen’s road safety is our top priority, adding that parents must monitor their children especially underage children and discourage them from driving bikes or cars which would cause mishaps due to negligence.


He said that traffic police has also initiated a course in traffic education for students at various educational institutions to beware children of traffic rules in which senior police officers will deliver lectures and also distribute pamphlets and booklets among them.


He said that traffic on city roads was increasing day-by-day due to overpopulation. Many people lose their lives every day and several get injured owing to road mishaps caused by violation of traffic laws.


The CTO said that this was the basic responsibility of parents to stop their children from driving or indulging in one wheeling. He also directed wardens to take action against violators of traffic rules in accordance with the law and keep a vigilant eye on “suspicious vehicles”.


The CTO stressed upon the citizens to cooperate with the traffic police to make the journey safer for themselves and others.


Underage driving is now one of the major dilemmas of our society due to which many precious lives are lost on daily basis.

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