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Supreme Court acquits man for killing his barber with scissors

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court (SC) on Wednesday acquitted a man, imprisoned for life, in a shocking case of allegedly murdering a barber by scissor.


According to details, a trail court had handed out execution and a fine of Rs0.1 million to a man named Abdul Khaliq, from Rajanpur, for reportedly killing a barber, Mazhar Hussain, in 2007. Later, a high court converted the death sentence into life imprisonment while upholding the fine money.


Nevertheless, the apex court has declared to acquit Khaliq in the case.


The baffling incident of murder took place in 2007, when a man, Huzoor Bakash, went to the barber shop of Mazhar Hussain, for trimming his beard. The barber trimmed the head of his customer instead of chopping his beard – a mistake which enraged Khaliq, the son of Bakash, to an extent that he grabbed a pair of scissor from Hussain’s shop and killed him in one attack.


The criminal had also confessed to his crime before the trail court. However, the top court observed today that the murder was a result of a sudden scuffle between the two people, adding that the criminal has completed his punishment under Article 302 (C).

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