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Economic Crisis: Sheikh Rasheed lashed out at former rulers for economic crisis

LAHORE: As the opposition parties are at loggerheads with the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) over what opposition claims ‘ineffective’ economic policies of the government to resolve monetary issues of the country, Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed on Saturday lashed out at political rivals and placed all the blame on “those who had ruled for 40 years.”


He addressed a press conference in Lahore, and stated, “All looters are uniting. Let them take to the streets after Eid, the outcome would be known.”


“Who is responsible for the inflation, the dacoits or the rulers who have just ruled for nine months?” Rasheed asked.


In an ironic manner, he stated that they could obtain bail even on a holiday. “Asif Zardari has the nerve to bring back [looted] money. If we wanted, we could have put a box on their ‘trash’, [however] we have chosen to clean the mess.”


He further criticised them for the outbreak of aids in Sindh. “They should just drop-dead.”


“Imran Khan has been playing on the front foot and he is trying his best to not give an NRO to them,” he added. He maintained that if they are allowed to go abroad, then their alliance would dismantle.


“Propaganda is being spread against the CPEC, and world powers do not want strong relations between China and Pakistan,” he concluded.


Moreover, he said that Pakistan Railways has launched several new trains at a cost of Rs5 billion for modern, safe and swift means of transportation to the passengers.


He said that the incident of derailment of a cargo train at Padidan station has been reported and the department would look into its detail to ascertain its causes.


The minister said as a result of the effective and solid measures taken by government for revival and progress of Railways, the number of passengers travelling through trains has increased by six million.

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