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Senate adopts resolution condemning Dutch sacrilegious caricatures

ISLAMABAD: The upper house of the parliament on Monday unanimously adopted resolution condemning publication of blasphemous cartoons in Netherlands.


As per details garnered, the resolution was tabled by Leader of the House Shibli Faraz.


The resolution binds federal govt to lodge strong protest with Netherlands and used diplomatic prowess to raise this issue on all international forums.


The resolution also urges ministry of religious affairs to consult religious scholars for devising a mutual strategy on the issue.


The resolution also urges the federal govt to raise the issue of blasphemous content in the United Nations Security Council.


Imran Khan addresses House for first time

In his first address to the Senate, Prime Minister Imran Khan stated the West deliberately hurts sentiments of the Muslim World via such sacrilegious content. “In West, such appalling acts are performed by those who hate Muslims and Islam”, Khan told the House.


Regretting absence of a strategy on the issue by Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Khan added Pakistan would leave no stone unturned to bring all Muslim countries on the same page on issue of sacrilegious caricatures.


PM vows to cut exorbitant expenditures

Concerned by whooping overall debt volume of Rs28000 bn, the PM once again pledged to cut exorbitant government expenditures. He said, “Pakistan is in the worst economic condition. [We] Will not spend money of the taxpayers ostentatiously”.


Khan reiterated vow to auction the cars of PM House. “We will soon introduce reforms in Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and the plan in this regard will be tabled before House within one week. The money of taxpayers should be spent on them”, Khan apprised senators.


The PM also renewed his pledge to strengthen all institutions. “We will bring country out of the dire situation at earliest”, vowed PM.

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