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PTI’s Shahzad Waseem wins vacated Senate seat from Punjab

LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) candidate Dr Shahzad Waseem won election for a general Senate seat from Punjab.


Waseem secured 181 votes while his opponent Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) candidate Khawaja Ahmad Hassan received 169 votes, while one vote was rejected in the electoral process.


Provincial Election Commissioner Punjab Zafar Iqbal conducted the polling process as the Presiding Officer at Punjab Assembly building in Lahore. 351 out of 353 members of the provincial assembly exercised their right to vote.


The polling process was held from 9AM to 4PM for which strict security measures were ensured inside and outside the assembly building.


However, several members of the opposition protested and raised slogans against the Election Commission for allowing PTI member Sher Akbar to cast his vote despite turning up late.


Waseem thanked party members and allies for voting for him and vowed to play an active role in the Upper House. He also thanked Prime Minister Imran Khan for reposing confidence in him and vowed to worked up to expectations.


“I also thank our allies who voted for me,” he said after the election victory. “I will fight Punjab’s case in the Senate and will work for the public’s better future.”


Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar also congratulated Waseem on winning the polls and said it is the victory for Imran Khan’s vision. He said the party will also win the forthcoming by-elections with a thumping margin.


The seat was vacated by Chaudhry Muhammmad Sarwar, who is now serving as Punjab Governor. Sarwar was elected senator on a PTI ticket for a general seat from Punjab in the senate elections on March 3, 2018. He received 44 first priority and two second priority votes.


While submitting his nomination papers earlier in September, Waseem said that he is confident the party will win the seat and had taken the decision to contest on the directives of the party.

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