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President Alvi underlines need to promote unity, tolerance, interfaith harmony

ISLAMABAD: President Dr Arif Alvi has stressed upon the need to promote sublime qualities of unity, tolerance, interfaith harmony and compassion at the national level which will help shape an ideal society under the teachings of Islam.


The president, in his message on the first of Muharram ul Haram 1440 Hijra and the advent of new Islamic calendar on Wednesday, expressed his good wishes for the Pakistani nation and the Muslim Ummah, and prayed for their progress and prosperity.


He also stressed upon understanding the significance of the holy month of Muharram.


He said Muharram ul Haram was included among the four holiest months of Islamic calendar and it had been mentioned as a month of great respect and high reverence.


“This month reminds us about the sacrifices, patience, determination and holding of lofty human values, and especially forging of qualities like brotherhood, compassion and unity between the Ansars and Mohajirs after the migration of our Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). It formed a society which was perfect and based upon welfare of its subjects,” he added.


The president said the present democratic government had set the right direction by putting the country on the journey towards progress and prosperity. He expressed the hope that soon, they would be able to achieve their set targets in that regard.

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