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Person who doesn’t take U-turn according to situation isn’t a leader, Said PM Imran

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday said that the leader who cannot take apt U-turn is foolishest.


While talking to media in Islamabad, PM said that former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif did not apt U-turn and lied in the court.


PM Khan said that Shehbaz Sharif does not qualify for the post of chairman Public Accounts Committee (PAC) because a person who is facing corruption charges cannot be appointed as chief of any team.


Shehbaz Sharif s appointment as PAC chairman would portray a negative image of Pakistan at international level.


PM Khan also advised the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to lay hand on big fish involved in corruption.


He asserted that amendments in NAB Ordinance are necessary for smooth working of NAB.


“Who does not take U-Turn according to situation is not a real politician. Only fools take rigid stance and stick on it. Every wise person review his decision. U-Turn is always taken for good purpose. Napoleon and Hitler did not succeed due to the reason that they did not take U-Turn. But U-Turn is not for telling a lie like Nawaz Sharif”, the PM added.


He said that the process is going on for the return of plundered money. Some 15 billion dollars that are in procession of Pakistani citizens abroad have been detected. In this connection the agreements are signed with UAS, England and Switzerland.


Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the real democracy in the country was never established in Pakistan. As a matter of fact the opposition call plundering and looting as a democracy. Now the entire parliament is tangled in the chairmanship of Public Accounts Committee. How it is possible that a person who is involved in large scale corruption, money laundering and looting spree should be made PSC’s head, he asked.


He said that though the country had taken hefty foreign debts and heavy amount of aid but the people of the country are still poor. The only factor behind this poverty is corruption. A large amount of 1000 billion dollars are being transferred to rich states from poor countries annually.


While responding to different queries, Khan said that Pakistan is very rich in the natural resources .Now the country has reserves of 500 billion dollars of these resources. But our corrupt rulers only discovered five percent of it.


He said that PTI’s government will present a comprehensive report to the nation showing its performance during first 100 days of its tenure in various sectors including, health, education, poverty alleviation and steps taken for the curbing the corruption.


He claimed “though many primers in the past had visited China but my tour was most successful one. We got a lot of big deal there but Chinese leadership forbade us to disclose its detail.”


The PM confessed that there are many faults in the investigation process of FIA and NAB but his government has given a clear message to both the functionaries to move in right direction. If only 30 big cases would be focused then they can take the looted money back to national exchequer.


The prime minister said his government inherited a huge deficit of current and fiscal account and is endeavoring to overcome the financial crisis.


He said that the government decided to approach the friendly countries to deal with this situation and by the grace of Almighty Allah, it overcame this financial crunch and balance of payments issue.

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