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Pakistan will not compromise on national interests for dollars: Miftah Ismail

Adviser to Prime Minister on Finance Miftah Ismail on Monday pointed out towards USA-India nexus while stating that both had joined ranks of each other to denigrate Pakistan, reported Financial Times.

Commenting on suspension of financial aid, Ismail made it overtly clear that Pakistan wouldn’t imperil its national interests at cost of American aid. He said, “Even if Trump-administration ends financial aid thoroughly, Pakistan would not give a fig”.

“We are the sixth or seventh-largest country in the world, and have the seventh-largest standing army in the world,” Mr Ismail said in an interview in his office in Islamabad. “We re not going to compromise on our security interest, on our national interest, based on a few hundred million dollars, I promise you that”, stated Ismail.

He added that Pakistan had taken several measures to curb money-laundering.

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