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Pakistan Army and Air Force test joint fire power capability

RAWALPINDI: Pakistan Army and Air Force tested their joint conventional fire power capability in Central Command exercise at Jhelum firing ranges.

Commander Central Command Lt General Azhar Saleh Abbasi briefed the audience about aims, objectives and conduct of the exercise.

The exercise marked culmination of a process aimed at integrating all available fire power assets/ sensors held with both Pakistan Army and Pakistan Air Force through an optimised near real time Sensor – Shooter Grid in a Network Assisted Environment.

Various concepts related to integration of firepower assets like PAF, Artillery, Air Defence, SSG, Army Aviation, Infantry and Armour in support of offensive and defensive manoeuvres in a Conventional War were practiced, perfected and validated during the exercise.

CGS Pakistan Army Lieutenant General Bilal Akbar witnessed the concluding event as chief guest. A large number of senior Army and Air Force officers witnessed the fire power display.

CGS applauded efforts of all ranks in making the exercise professionally rewarding and reiterated requirement for continuous efforts to hone professional skills in defence of motherland. CGS commended their services while also congratulating them on conduct of successful exercise.

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