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No political interference to be made in work of civil servants, Said PM Imran

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan assured civil servants that there would be no political interference in their work; however, their prime focus should be service to people.


“Huge foreign investment can come to Pakistan if governance in the country is improved,” he said while addressing government employees in Lahore. He urged civil servants to play their due role to this effect.


It’s rare that a government give you freehand to work for development, he said. “When police or administration is politicised the biggest trouble it creates is it annihilates professionalism,” he added.


He said he recently visited Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to bring investment to the country.


The prime minister said a system would be developed to facilitate the common men to the maximum, and to implement this system, police and civil servants had a critical role.


He said new Pakistan is the name of new philosophy based on justice and equal facilities for all.


Imran Khan said complaint cells would be set up at the offices of the prime minister and the chief ministers to address grievances of people.


In response to Indian army chief’s threatening remarks, the premier said Pakistan’s desire for peace should not be misconstrued as weakness.


He said if India adopted threatening tone, the entire Pakistani nation would be standing steadfast to face it.


PM Imran, however, hoped that Pakistan’s relations with India would improve, which would ultimately have a positive effect on lives of peoples of the two countries.


Responding to Indian COAS Bipin Rawat’s threatening statement, Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) chief Sirajul Haq on Saturday said that the whole nation stood as one united force against Indian threats.


In a tweet posted on his official Twitter account, the JI chief urged the world leaders and international bodies to take notice of the Indian COAS’s “incendiary” statement, adding that India should keep in mind that Pakistan is a nuclear-armed country.


“India should think before issuing such threats as Pakistan is a nuclear-armed state and the two countries may not even get time to repent if they go to war,” wrote Sirajul Haq.


The JI chief reminded India that their occupation of Kashmir is illegal and their forces are violating human rights by killing innocent Kashmiris for demanding their right to self determination.

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