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Money laundering: Bigwigs hiding behind Iqama to be nabbed soon, says PM aide Shehzad Akbar

ISLAMABAD: The government on its ongoing crackdown against corruption cautioned on Monday that all heavyweights laundering money in the pretext of Iqama (foreign work permit) are not safe anymore.


Addressing a press conference, Prime Minister’s special aide on Accountability Shehzad Akbar said, 5.3 billion US dollars have been laundered from Pakistan and more than 5000 fake accounts were used to illegally transfer above $1 billion.


Shedding light on how Iqama facilitates the money laundering, Akbar explained that high profile politicians keep foreign work permits to send looted money abroad and the sole reason of holding an Iqama is to conceal the illicit wealth.


“Pakistan is the top third country to invest in the real estate of Dubai, PM’s special aide said.”


“After our government came to power, it received transactions of $4.7 billion,” he revealed saying that all information related to Iqama holders is being procured on a state-level from foreign countries.


Presenting the figures, Akbar mentioned, in last decade, Pakistanis bought properties in Dubai, which worth $15 billion. “Initially, we are chasing people who posses assets above $1 million,” he stated.


As the government gathers more information, the names of culprits will be placed in the exit control list (ECL), moreover, Akbar apprised that talks are underway with a few countries regarding the legal aspects of freezing the laundered money of the culprits.


Taking an aim at Pakistan Peoples Party co-chariman Asif Zardari, Akbar said, “an angel comes and deposits money into people’s accounts and then he has the audacity to say, in the TV interview, to corroborate the charges.”


“Akbar apprised that talks are underway with few countries regarding the legal aspects of freezing the laundered money of culprits.”


The probe into Hill Metal Company is in its concluding phase and it was found that its money is being transferred into Nawaz Sharif’s Wapda Town Lahore bank account, Akbar continured.


Referring to the money laundering case involving Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), former NAB deputy prosecutor said that evidences against the party were shared with the National Crime Agency (NCA).


A meeting with Swiss officials is also expected by the end of November which will further expose the corruption of political leaders, Akbar hinted during the presser.

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