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Modi needs to give peace another chance, Said PM Imran

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Sunday that Indian PM Narendra Modi should give peace another chance, adding that it was unfortunate that due to upcoming elections in India an important issue such as peace is placed on the back-burner.


The PM in a statement said that he stood by his statement on the recent Pulwama attack, that if India provides any concrete evidence then he would initiate action.


The prime minister said that in a meeting with his Indian counterpart in 2015 it was agreed upon that poverty will be eradicated from the two countries and the peace process shouldn’t be sabotaged due to any terrorist attack.


“Unfortunately, even before the Pulwama attack the efforts to make peace were sabotaged,” said PM Imran Khan.


Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday offered to investigate the Pulwama attack and act if India shares “actionable intelligence with Pakistan”.


In a video message to the nation, the prime minister responded to Indian allegations regarding Pakistan’s involvement in the attack which killed 44 Indian paramilitary soldiers and said he could not respond earlier owing to the “important visit of the Saudi crown prince”. Explaining that he did not want to divert attention from the visit, PM Imran said, “I am now responding to the Indian government.”


“India accused Pakistan without any evidence and without thinking how this [attack] would benefit us,” he stated. “Would even a fool consider sabotaging such an important [Saudi investment] conference?” the prime minister asked.

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