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Marriyum Aurnagzeb slams ‘maltreatment’ of Nawaz Sharif

LAHORE: PML-N central spokesperson Marriyum Aurangzeb has questioned if the cabinet met and decided that Nawaz Sharif’s trial will be held in open court then who issued the earlier notification that the trail would be held in prison?


Addressing a press conference at the PMLN Secretariat on Wednesday, she said it is becoming more and more obvious, as to where exactly are these decisions coming from. “If it were the discretion of the cabinet to decide if the trial would be held in prison or in open court, then who exactly authorized the earlier notification and under what authority and agenda”, asked the former minister information.


She said why is there an apparent effort to skew the law in every way that could damage Nawaz Sharif and his party, she inquired. She said all efforts to eliminate Nawaz Sharif from the political scene of Pakistan had backfired and instead Nawaz has become the epicenter of Pakistani politics.


She said the way insulting and condescending behavior was practiced in Islamabad to somebody who had willingly travelled to the country to respect the court’s decision, the psychological torture regarding facilities in prison, usurpation of the right to an open-court trial and other such measures had only strengthened Nawaz’s resolve.


The framers of these actions thought that they would be able to discredit Nawaz among his people, but little did they know that they ended up invigorating the love of the people for their Quaid even further. The discriminatory behavior towards PML-N leaders by the NAB was clear to see where their party leaders were being summoned every day, while in a recent notification, Imran Khan had been given immunity from being summoned till 7th August.


“What were the legal grounds over which Imran is given this immunity while the PMLN President, Barjees Tahir and other PMLN leaders are being summoned every other day; just because he is the blue-eyed; just because PMLN’s campaign should be made to suffer to benefit Imran? ”, Marriyum said. Senator Musaddiq Malik said that the Senate has questioned under what law were the local body government and their representatives suspended? Because if the Senate which too is a similar body, is functioning, so should the local bodies.


However, she said the chairman Senate is mum over the issue. PMLN-Media Coordinator Muhammad Mehdi said all these steps of first announcing the verdict in a haste, arresting and detaining Nawaz and now pending his case beyond the election date are all measures to keep him from addressing the public.


He said that the opponents and rivals of Nawaz are fearful if Nawaz gets a chance to address people, it would make the elections totally one-sided in favour of the PML-N. However, they are not aware of the fact that even from behind the bars, his charisma is going to mark 25th July as the victory of the PML-N.

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