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Imran khan reveals 11-point agenda for ‘Naya Pakistan’ at minar-e-pakistan

LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan on Sunday has disclosed his 11 point agenda to create ‘Naya Pakistan’.

“Will not leave you alone till i have created Naya Pskistan,” said Imran Khan while addressing party workers at Minar-e-Pakistan.

National anthem was played at Minar-e-Pakistan Lahore rally before the speech of PTI chief Imran Khan.

Starting his speech PTI chief thanked people of Lahore for coming in big numbers. “People of Lahore I want to thank you all from the core of my heart.”

“I want to tell my Pakistani nation, when i asked for money for hospital for NAMAL you showed generosity. When I called you for a public meeting, you had never disappointed me, I promise y’all to fight for you till last drop of blood,” Imran added.

He said that Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah the greatest leader of previous century kept Pakistan above his own health at a time when he was dying of TB, adding that people who opposed Jinnah were witness of his honesty and truthfulness.

Commenting over PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi he said that it was embracing for Pakistan the way prime minister was treated in the United States recently.

“When our prime minister is being treated like this at US airport, imagine how a common Pakistani would’ve been treated there,” said PTI chief.

He said that in 2008 six thousand billion rupees was the debt on Pakistan which increased up to 13thousand billion in PPP’s government, adding that in PML-N’s government it has been increased to 27 thousand billion.

“We’re approaching a disaster, we don’t have money to pay back loans and we’re taking loans to pay back loan,” he said.

Speaking about a 11-point agenda to make a “naya” (new) Pakistan, he said, “Ask yourself, why was this country made? Why, on this ground in 1940, did Quaid-e-Azam declare that we want Pakistan?”

Pakistan, today, is contrary to Quaid and Allama Iqbal’s vision, he lamented.

“The Pakistan that Quaid-e-Azam wanted would afford equal rights to all citizens including the minorities, where the Hindu community, Sikhs, and Christians would be equal citizens. This country was to be formed on the model of Madina, where the basis of law was justice,” Imran said.

Imran Khan’s gives 11 point agenda in his Lahore rally:

Education System:

PTI to invest maximum education system, development of the people in Pakistan.

“No country can ever flourish without emphasizing on the education. The Asian tigers educated their children, the men and the women. I ask Shehbaz Sharif who’s ruling Punjab for 10 years how many international level universities he established,” Imran added.

Health System:

PTI to reform the health system of Pakistan where the poor would not have to worry about the money and rich wouldn’t need to go abroad for treatment.

“We’ll bring health insurance system, like we brought sehat sahulat card in KP, for the poor across Pakistan.”

Revenue generation:

Next up is how to generate revenue in order to rid the country of heavy debts, he said.

Corruption free Pakistan:

Imran promised the people he will eliminate corruption from the country.

“Wherever Pakistan has reached today it is because of corruption, we’ll strength NAB while sharifs weaken it, we’ll strengthen FBR,” he added.

“Have you heard about any party which had expelled 20 parliamentarians of his party over corruption,” said Imran while citing the example of his decision to expel 20 MPAs.

Tax reforms: PTI will reduce tax on electricity and gas for industries so that they could compete with Indian market.

Whoever would bring investment, we’ll reduce hurdles for them, we’ll bring our overseas Pakistanis back, and we’ll bring ease of doing business,” Imran added.

We don’t have money to run countries, we’re under heavy debts. I claim in front of you today that i will show you how to gather money from this nation.

Job opportunities:

Imran said he would especially focus on boosting the tourism industry of Pakistan.

“We’ll create job opportunities and reduce unemployment. While sharifs were paying visits to JIT, I was exploring the northern areas and i discovered such beautiful landscape,” he added.

“Switzerland is a small country and it makes more than 20 billion only on the basis of tourism. Your northern areas are double the size of Switzerland.”


PTI to strengthen federation by creating an administrative units.

“We’ll strengthen our federation, we know how the injustice is being done to smaller provinces, i know more about KP.”

“One of the most important thing that we’ll do for South Punjab is to create an administrative unit of it. Secondly I want to tell people of FATA, i’ve always stood by you, i was always against this war on terror.”


“Environment is our priority. For the first time ever KP govt has paid special attention to environment, we’ll plant 10 billion trees across Pakistan,” Imran added.

Police System:

He stressed on the importance of justice and the police system.

“Another imp thing is justice, the police system, Our KP police is totally depoliticized. There’s no victimization via FIRs, there not a single extra judicial killing in KP while in Sindh Rao Anwar killed 400 people,” he added.

Will educate women:

PTI chief promised to educate women .

“Lastly i promise the women of Pakistan. We’ll educate the women. Whatever i am today, it’s all because of my mother who made me a patriotic person and raised me to be a truthful person,” he concluded.

PTI leaders addresses gathering at Minar-e-Pakistan

Addressing the gathering Sheikh Rasheed said that he is supporting Imran Khan because he wants change in Pakistan. He praises Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar for giving brave verdicts.

“In my views Imran Khan is the honest and better politician,” he added.

He added that he could have continued to build his party, but he instead chose to support the PTI and Imran Khan.

PTI leader Senator Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar, during his address, congratulated the nation for ensuring a successful and historic congregation.

“The public has spoken: Lahore, Punjab and Pakistan belongs to PTI,” he said. “The public has spoken: Imran Khan is the next prime minister of Pakistan.”

Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Pervez Khattak, during his address said that he worked in KPK for five years on the manifesto of PTI, adding that in next general elections his party will not only sweep KPK but the whole Pakistan.

“Transparency international reported in 2012 KP was most corrupt and now it is the least corrupt province,” he added.

Addressing the gathering, PTI general secretary said that Jahangir Tareen has said that Imran Khan will make new Pakistan like the way he created “Shaukat Khanam.”

“Today is a historical day in the history of Pakistan. It’s my challenge to everyone Imran Khan will become next Prime Minister.” he added.

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