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I have been dragged into court to pressurises Nawaz, says Maryam

ISLAMABAD: Maryam Nawaz while launching a blistering critique of her opponents said on Tuesday that she has been dragged to court to pressurise her father Nawaz Sharif.

Speaking at a press conference in Islamabad, Maryam told that her statement was recorded before the court in the past three days and she answered 127 questions.

“When the first verdict of the Panama case came from Supreme Court, everything was presented in detail. The documents and evidence produced before the NAB court was also submitted in SC,” she maintained.

“I was not mention anywhere in the SC’s verdict. But JIT included me in the case. The formed cases against me and I was questioned. All this belongs to the mindset that says that a lesson will be taught to us and hurl threats to a nominated Prime Minister,” asserted Maryam.

“I had to appear before a Whatsapp call JIT. I know why the references were filed against me and I had to attend more than 70 hearings. I am well aware why I was forced to stay away from my cancer-ridden mother,” she said.

“In the entire 70-year history of Pakistan, no mother and daughter had to attend this much hearings,” she added.

“Neither I have been ever involved in any corruption nor was appointed on some government post. My only fault is that I am the daughter of Nawaz Sharif and is standing with him and his statement firmly. The reason behind perplexing me in the references is to pressurize the nerves of my father,” remarked Maryam.

“Nawaz Sharif is a man who stands before every oppression strongly. He conducted atomic blasts despite international pressure. A plan was made to bend him by initiating cases against her daughter and bringing her to court. Those who thought this do not know Nawaz and her daughter,” she declared.

“My father came forward while holding the flag of people s sovereignty and rights. He did not stand up for power but for a revolution. I support him in his Jihad. Our religion and tradition offers a significant stature to daughters. Today, all this has been lost to hostility. Daughters have not remained mutual. The present tradition is to make a daughter weakness of her father. But Nawaz’s daughter is his strength and stands with him during all odds,” vowed Maryam.

Commending Nawaz, Maryam said that her father made Pakistan invincible. “He made the defense of Pakistan impregnable, provided modern infrastructure, rid instability from Balochistan, restored the lights of Karachi, stabilized economy and endowed employment to youth,” she emphasized.

She went on to say that Nawaz Sharif included FATA in national circle, conducted census after 19 years, eliminated loadshedding and terrorism and bestowed the nation with CPEC worth billion dollars investment.

“The biggest court is that of Allah where no Whatsapp call and JIT is present. I am the daughter of Nawaz Sharif and ready for every chastisement. I hope that the court of Allah will be in kept in mind while announcing verdict,” Maryam concluded.

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