Hysterical fans breaks into Salman Khan’s apartment, claiming to be his wife

MUMBAI: Bollywood’s mega star Salman Khan may have crossed the half century mark on the age scale but the figure of his devotees is incessantly reaching heights, with one crazed fan recently barging into the heartthrob’s apartment claiming to be his wife.

One of the superstar’s female fans took her admiration for the actor a little too far by entering his house armed with industrial skewers. The fan, however, may have overlooked some key elements in shadowing her idol as Khan had been away in Abu Dhabi for the shoot of his upcoming film ‘Race 3’ at the time of the incident.

According to Indian media reports, the woman who appeared to be fanatical, somehow managed to get past the stern security outside the actor’s apartment and had been banging on the door to his apartment yelling “Salman Khan is my husband” which activated the security alarm system.

The report further added that the flustered woman also threatened to kill herself with the skewers after getting caught.

The actor’s family had contacted the fire brigade, instead of the police, to handle the situation.

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