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Financial assistance: PM Imran thanks UAE for supporting Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: After the United Arab Emirates announced its intention to deposit USD 3 billion dollars in the State Bank of Pakistan, Prime Minister Imran Khan thanked UAE government for supporting Pakistan.


He said the UAE’s move reflects our commitment and friendship that has remained steadfast over the years.


The United Arab Emirates has announced its intention to deposit US$3 billion in the State Bank of Pakistan to support the financial and monetary policy of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.


In a statement, the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development said it will deposit the said amount in the coming days to enhance liquidity and monetary reserves of foreign currency at the Bank.


The Abu Dhabi Fund for Development has financed eight development projects in Pakistan with a total value of AED1.5 billion, including AED931 million in grants. The funds covered projects in sectors such as energy, health, education and roads.

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