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‘Don’t be ashamed’: Faisal Javed tells Maryam Nawaz after she deletes her tweet

In what can be deemed as a highly embarrassing episode for Maryam Nawaz, the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader on Friday tweeted screenshots and link of a World Bank report criticising Pakistan’s budget during PML-N’s tenure.


Earlier today, Maryam took to Twitter to post a few news clippings about the sinking economic situation of the country, which she captioned as “The real performance of the incompetent and ineligible.”



Though the PML-N leader was criticizing the performance of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government, little did she know that the reports she cited, was the evaluation of the economy from the PML-N’s tenure.


Maryam Nawaz later deleted the post when Twitteratis quickly spotted her ill-informed tweet.


PTI Senator Faisal Javed luckily got a chance to reply on the original tweet, prior to its deletion, and his responses are so on point.


Quoting the now-deleted tweet, he wrote: “Welldone!!! We must appreciate MaryamNSharif for bringing it up and exposing them. Please keep on highlighting their worst performance ever in the history of Pakistan. It takes courage to tell the truth. Hats off to you.”


Faisal Javed continued in another tweet saying: “Thanks for sharing this. Really appreciate it. We have been saying this for long and finally, you agreed. Please keep on highlighting their worst performance ever in the history of Pakistan.”


As it came to light that Maryam Nawaz has deleted her tweet, Faisal Javed took another jibe at the PML-N leader saying: “Please don’t be ashamed of what you did. No need to delete the tweet. You did the right thing and you should be proud of it for telling the truth. People loved it and praised you. May ALLAH always give us strength and courage to speak the truth.”


Maryam Nawaz Deleted Tweet:


Perhaps, by now, the famous quote about “getting the facts straight” must have been grilled in our minds.

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