Saturday, Jan 28, 2023
Pakistan News

Crops, localities inundated after breach in River Sutlej’s safety dyke in Okara

OKARA: Hundreds of acres of crops and at least 71 localities have been inundated due to low-level flood after breach in River Sutlej’s safety dyke near Okara as a result of 66,000 cusecs water released by India, reported on Saturday.


People are forced to migrate along with their goods and livestock. Pakistan Army and rescue teams are conducting operation to shift the trapped persons to safe places.


District Emergency Officer Doctor Ihtisham Mazhar maintained that the authorities were fully prepared beforehand for the adversity, and told that over 70 persons have been rescued so far.


Nine medical camps and five flood rescue posts have been formed in Pakpattan where staff have been appointed with essential items.

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