China sell DANGEROUS nuclear weapons to Pakistan as conflict with India ESCALATES

CHINA is selling dangerous military technology to Pakistan, aimed at helping boost the nation’s ballistic missile programme, it has been reported.

The revelations come as tensions between India and Pakistan are rising, risking a full blown conflict between the two neighbours.

Pakistan’s decision to invest in its nuclear capabilities during such a volatile moment in its diplomatic relations with India has caused concern.

China declassified the information regarding the sales this week, but it is uncertain when the transfer took place.

However, it is already known Pakistan has been testing its nuclear capabilities for over a year.Last March, the head of the Defence Intelligence Agency stated Islamabad had “conducted the first test launch of its nuclear-capable ‘Ababeel’ ballistic missile, demonstrating South Asia’s first multiple independently targetable reentry vehicle (MIRV) payload.”

According to the Arms Control Association Pakistan is pro-actively looking to increase its nuclear stock.

They said the nation is “pursuing new ballistic missile, cruise missile and sea-based nuclear delivery systems”.

The group estimated the Asian country has a nuclear warhead stockpile of approximately 130 to 140.


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