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Bilawal Bhutto says democracy suffered due to today’s ‘attack’ on Senate

KARACHI/ISLAMABAD: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairperson Bilawal Bhutto said Thursday an “attack” took place on the Senate today, denting the country’s democracy.


Bilawal said democracy suffered due to the “attack” after a no-confidence resolution against Senate Chairperson Sadiq Sanjrani failed to receive the 53 votes required for his removal earlier in the day. The Opposition parties had nominated Hasil Bizenjo as their candidate to replace Sanjrani.


The PPP chair vowed to hold those responsible for the failed no-confidence motion. After 64 members voted in favour of tabling the resolution, it should have been passed, he remarked.


The joint Opposition, on the other hand, has also announced to summon a session of All Parties Conference (APC).


Separately, all of the PPP’s 21 Senators submitted their resignations to Bilawal on Thursday, with the PPP chief saying what happened earlier today was dangerous to the centre as well as the democracy.


It would be fully investigated, he said, adding that he was not despondent and would, regardless, continue fighting for democracy.

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