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Ahsan Iqbal loses cool, tells CJP ‘enough is enough’

ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal on Wednesday said that the civilian government holds as much dignity and self-respect as any judge or army official.

“The CJP has no right to mock and insult us. Enough is enough,” Iqbal fumed while addressing participants at an event here.

The interior minister said that Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Mian Nisar Saqib should abandon the practice of throwing insults in every direction and have a big heart instead of reacting at every petty incident,” he said, adding that since the CJP had accused him of being involved in certain appointments, he should also issue a charge sheet against Iqbal.

He further assured the gathering that he is committed to the cause of bringing Pakistan at par with developed nations and accentuated that politicians are deserving of the same amount of respect that the judiciary and army officials are bestowed with.

He said that there has recently been a rise in “patriot groups” in Balochistan and South Punjab. He questioned whether the politicians in Pakistan are as degenerate as their Indian and Bangladeshi counterparts.

Ahsan informed the gathering that Pakistan had dropped two catches as far as economic progress was concerned. Once in the 1960’s and then in the 1990’s, when economic reforms were cut short. However, he said that everybody including the US and Europe is keen to invest in CPEC and on the brighter side, Gwadar’s master plan will trump the plan that was drafted for Hong Kong.


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