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Accountability is Almighty’s law, Said Asad Umar

ISLAMABAD: Former Finance Minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Member National Assembly Asad Umar on Thursday said while addressing the National Assembly (NA) budget session that accountability is the law of Almighty Allah.


Asad Umar maintained that arrests for the sake of political revenge are not right, but accountability of those who have looted Pakistan’s money is essential.


“A common practice was observed in the past of remaining silent over each other’s corruption in the name of saving democracy. Democracy is actually the rule of law.


“Pakistan’s economy has been struggling with many problems for years, and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) left it in a perilous state.


“The current budget has come in a difficult time, and I salute to the team which has prepared it. It is necessary to decrease demand and increase supply. This is not such a system which will start producing results by pushing a button.


“The burden on the poor and the middle class should be lessened, and foreign income must be increased. Prime Minister Imran Khan has always stressed to strengthen the middle class.


“The surge in prices of sugar must be interrogated. Advisor to Prime Minister on Finance Abdul Hafeez Sheikh should reconsider the taxes that have been imposed on sugar and cooking oil.


“Taxes on mini cars are also not appropriate.


“Pensions should be increased from 10 to 15 percent. 50 thousand homes should annually be built for the laborers, and the finance advisor should take this initiative in this budget.


National Assembly Speaker Asad Qaiser directed Asad Umar to table a bill for the rights of kiln workers when he highlighted the issue of their oppression.


Asad Umar said he is pleased that a public-friendly person is the NA speaker, and proposed to introduce a registration process of the domestic workers.

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