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‘1,115 Pakistanis have their assets in UAE,’ SC told

ISLAMABAD: The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on Friday submitted a new report to the Supreme Court, containing details of Pakistanis who have their assets stashed abroad.


According to the list prepared by the FIA, as many as 1,115 Pakistanis have their properties in the United Arab Emirates. Of them, 338 belong to Punjab and 639 from Sindh, 115 from Islamabad, 18 from Khyber Pakhtonkhwa and five from Balochistan.


The report states that out of total 1,115 people, 417 of them have availed tax amnesty scheme. Province-wise breakdown shows that 117 of the amnesty scheme seekers belong to Punjab, 267 from Sindh and 29 from Islamabad.


Similarly, 162 people declared their assets during the FIA probe, the report says. Of them, 72 were from Sindh, 70 from Punjab, 14 from Islamabad, four from KP and two from Balochistan.


As many as 77 Pakistanis, who have their properties and other assets abroad, submitted their tax returns. 37 of them live in Sindh, 29 in Islamabad, eight in Punjab, two in Balochistan and one in KP.


The FIA probe reveals that 90 of the foreign property holders denied having any asset in the UAE.


“Around 775 persons submitted their declaration to the FIA, while 351 foreign property holders are yet to furnish the document in this regard,” the report said.


The court was further informed that 18 people were not cooperating in probe, and 63 others couldn’t be identified who have their assets abroad.

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