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Will fight for Kashmir at all forums till it’s freedom, Said PM Imran

ISLAMABAD: The whole nation observed Kashmir Hour today (Friday) to express solidarity with the oppressed people of Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir lead by the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan.


PM Imran Khan and chief ministers along with the parliamentarians lead the nation by taking centre stage of their respective Secretariats and office buildings whereas the masses remained out of their offices, houses, markets, and malls, gathering at nearby streets all over the country.


Prime Minister Imran Khan, who requested all Pakistanis to come out on Friday to send a message of solidarity, is leading the rally outside the PM Secretariat.


All the chief ministers and parliamentarians are also gathered outside the CM Secretariat buildings.


Addressing the rally, PM Imran said, “Our Kashmiris are going through a difficult phase. Approximately eight million Kashmiris for the last four weeks have been locked under curfew.”


He added that the purpose of ‘Kashmir Hour’ was to send a message from Pakistan that until Kashmiris get their freedom we [Pakistanis] would continue to stand with them. “We will stand with them till the last breath.”


The prime minister further said it was important to understand the type of government in India which was oppressing people. “We need to understand the ideology of RSS [Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh]. This was a party which was motivated by hatred for Muslims. This party was inspired by Hitler’s Nazi party.”


“The entire world is watching what is happening in Kashmir. The world’s reaction would have been stronger if Kashmiris had not been Muslims,” he lamented.


“Till Kashmir is not independent, I will continue to fight for their freedom at every forum,” PM Imran asserted.


“I will raise the issue at the UN General Assembly. We saw the effect of Nazi Germany on the world and millions died in the second world war as a result of it,” the prime minister said. “If today the world does not stand against Modi’s fascist government, it will not stop here.”



After Jumma prayers, special prayers for the people of Indian occupied Kashmir were offered.


He added, “We know India wants to remove the world attention by doing a false flag operation like Balakot and will do something in Azad Jammu and Kashmir.”


Calling out the international community, PM Imran said, “I want to clearly give a message that we will reply to any Indian action. Our armed forces are ready for anything.”


“I keep telling the world and every international outlet that if they remain quiet about Kashmir issue and the atrocities in the valley, the entire world will suffer because of that,” he added.


He further added, “India didn’t let media go into Srinagar, this should tell the entire world exactly what sort of cruelty is being perpetrated there.”


“In the end, my heart is telling me that Narendra Modi, what he’s doing in IoK in his arrogance. He has played his last card. Kashmir will be free now,” the prime minister added.


In conclusion, the Prime Minister of Pakistan said that the Pakistan Armed Forces were ready, willing and able to give a ‘jawbreaking reply’ to India’s nefarious designs and warmongering, every act of aggression will be answered for in a befitting manner.

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