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PM Imran calls upon Babar Awan to discuss law, constitution and economy

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan met PTI member Babar Awan to exchange ideas and seek council on constitutional, political and lawful quandaries, reported ARY News.


Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf stalwart Babar Awan is a former adviser to Prime Minister Imran Khan on Parliamentary Affairs who resigned after the National Accountability Bureau filed a corruption reference against him.


PM Khan emphasized in the meeting that the government was squarely focused on ridding the country of it’s economic challenges.


“We will soon be out of these difficult times,” assured Khan.


The Prime Minister also told Awan about tough yet important decisions the government had to take in the larger interest of the nation, “national interest trumps political ambitions for the current regime.”


“We will see positive results of the decisions in a few months,” added Khan.


Khan shared his vision to strengthen and empower state institutes in-turn revitalizing the country’s dwindling economy.


Awan said: “The country has stood with it’s Prime Minister in testing times.”


“Survey results and popularity polls are a testament to the nation being firmly behind the decisions being made at the top,” Awan opined.


The former PPP senator also slammed previous governments, admonishing them for looting and plundering the country’s resources during their respective tenures.


Awan stressed that accountability for ills of the past is the need of the hour.

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