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ISI foils CIA attempt to organize prison break for Dr Shakil Afridi

KARACHI: Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) has foiled CIA attempt to organize prison break for Dr Shakil Afridi who had helped the US authorities track down founder of Al Qaeda Osama bin Laden.

“The CIA planned to pull Dr. Shakil Afridi from the Peshawar prison, trying to organize a prison break, but the attempt was disrupted by (Pakistan s) ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence). A local informant who also worked for the CIA handed over information about this (CIA plan), and was aware of the plan. ISI became aware that (the CIA) was also interested in the plan of the prison itself,” Russian media report said.

The information has also been confirmed by another source, who said that Washington had earlier turned to Islamabad with a request to extradite Afridi to the US.

“Apparently, Pakistan refused to release Dr. Afridi, which believes that this will not only violate the sovereignty of the country and undermine its legal system, but will also bolster the [US] intelligence activity. Pakistan has also refused to exchange [Afridi] for Aafia Siddiqui,” Russian media report added.

It is pertinent to mention here that Dr Shakeel Afridi was shifted to Adiala Jail of Rawalpindi from Peshawar Central Jail under strict security measures on Friday.

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