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Imran khan accuses Shehbaz Sharif of extrajudicial killings

KARACHI: Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan on Wednesday unleashed a verbal onslaught against his opponents saying that long dark night is soon going to culminate.


Speaking to party workers in Karachi, Khan said that the nation should be ready for a change.


“Only Allah is the umpire. When bad time comes, Panama surfaces. The departments have been destroyed with whom the country’s progress was linked,” he asserted.


He urged never to consider the opponent weak.


“My experience is that match can be won till the last ball. The elections will show that only Allah rules over the hearts. The nation is getting more and more indebted day by day while the Sharif family is taking turns in government. Bangladesh has gone far ahead of us. Real investment is to spend on the people,” he stressed.


The PTI chief strongly criticized Shehbaz Sharif saying that his development was only limited to newspapers.


“Rainfall in Lahore exposed the development claims. It was said that Lahore has been turned into Paris but the reality surfaced after the downpour,” he said.


Imran Khan went on to say that that Pakistan can never succeed unless the system is changed in Karachi. He also accused former Punjab Chief Minister of extrajudicial killings.


Those taking turns for the past 30 years have no solution for Karachi, Imran Khan added.

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