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ECP bans election campaign on the name of religion, race

ISLAMABAD: Election commission of Pakistan (ECP) has amassed code of conduct for upcoming general election 2018 today (Wednesday).

Source privy to ECP tell that ECP has called all political parties’ leaders tomorrow for consultation, in which contestants would not be allowed to run election campaign on the name of religion or race.

Moreover, according code of conduct Election Act 2018, all political parties are not allowed to hold more than one rally in a constituency.

On the other hand, firing and display of weapons have been banned by ECP, even; coercive abdication of candidate from election has been illicit.

Imposing restrictions on political parties, ECP has declared that to vend tickets on the name of party fund, to use of state means in election and to give voter slip on election day, all are illegal, however, for polling agent, it necessary to voter concerned constituency

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