It was the first encounter of the 4-test hockey series between world’s top side Australia and the 14th ranked Pakistan, said the information made available to here.

The gulf in the rankings showed in the game as the Aussies dominated the proceedings most of the time and defeated Pakistan by the tennis score after leading 2-0 at half time.

Kookaburras head coach Colin Batch said, “The score line was 6-1, but I think we have to put that into context. Pakistan made it very difficult for us for a number of quarters, the second was tough and third we didn’t create too much but we ended up getting the third goal and that opened up the game for us.”

Australia scorers, (Ben Craig 2 goals, Trent Mitton, Tom Wickham, Matt Dawson & Jeremy Hayward (PC) one goal apiece. Pakistan (Abdul Haseem Khan) Second test will be played today, Wednesday.