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Caretaker govt hikes fuel rates, Petrol price upped by Rs4.26 a liter

ISLAMABAD: The caretaker government has increased prices of petroleum products from Rs4.26 to Rs6.55 a liter on different products with effect from Tuesday.

The price of petrol has been raised by Rs4.26 a liter. The revised price of petrol would be Rs91.96 a liter.

The price of high speed diesel has been raised by Rs6.55 a liter, while the price of light diesel has also been increased by Rs6.14 a liter.

High speed diesel will now be retailed at Rs105.31 a liter while light diesel will be sold for Rs74.99 a liter. Kerosene oil witnessed an increase of Rs4.46 a liter and will now be sold for Rs84.34 a liter.

A few days ago, despite the Oil & Gas Regulatory Authority’s suggestion to increase Rs 8.37, Rs12.5 and Rs11.65 a liter in prices of petrol, diesel and kerosene oil respectively, the caretaker government had decided not to hike the petroleum prices.

Caretaker Finance Minister Shamshad Akhter had said that she would not make decisions like the hike in petroleum prices.

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