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Anti-encroachments Operation: KDA expands anti-encroachments operation against land mafia

KARACHI: Karachi Development Authority (KDA) on Thursday has expanded the grand anti-encroachments operation against land mafia in the city.


After removing illegal constructions and shops inside and outside the Empress Market, the KDA has started demolishing unplanned buildings in Kabari market, Jahangirabad.


Earlier, KDA kicked off second phase of anti-encroachments operation to remove the illegal constructions inside the Empress Market.


Karachi Mayor Waseem Akhtar assured that the plan will be executed after a notice and authorities will give a sufficient time to shopkeepers to empty the shops.


Mayor Waseem Akhtar had also said that anti-encroachment operation will restore Karachi to its natural and historical beauty.


Akhtar informed that affectees of operation will be provided with an alternative place and a committee has been formed for this purpose.


He added, “We do not want to affect anyone’s business and we will not repeat the mistakes of the past.”

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